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Watering your plants

When is the Best Time to Water Your Plants?
                       By MG Calla Victoria                  


     All of the gardening shows that I watch, along with my professional Master Gardening training, agree that the best time to water your lawn and plants is in the morning between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.  The rationale being that if you water your plants in the evening they are more susceptible to disease with the cooler temperatures in the evenings. That sounds plausible to an extent, but I was also trained by an old Mississippi farmer, my dad, and he said you should water the plants after 3 p.m. which makes more sense to me.

    First of all you must consider location, of course if you are in a climate where there is an extreme temperature drop in the evening of course water in the a.m., however if you are zone 9 or above, you know the heat belt, then watering in the a.m. is not very effective. If we water in the a.m. then temperatures heat up to the high 90's and above; well the plants don't get a good drink before the heat burns the water off. So let the plants enjoy God's dew in the a.m. and then give them as refreshing drink after 3 p.m. when the heat subsides. AIso on the very hot days that we have had lately, water when it is comfortable for you to be out there.



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