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Gardening in Miniature
 By LMG Calla Victoria

     People who love to garden are not always blessed to have a large garden to follow their passion, or any green space at all. Case in point apartment dwellers, people residing in hi-rises, sailors who live and work in large ships on the water, etc. Then there are seniors who love to garden but are no longer able to do a lot of the strenuous bending associated with traditional gardening, but as always ingenuity finds a way; enter Miniature Gardens and Fairy Gardens. 

     Miniature Gardens, small and compact, can be placed in containers, on table tops, or anywhere. Perhaps this idea first started with gardeners who were tired of tossing away broken terracotta pots and decided to plant in the pots even if they were broken, or avid gardeners who have run out of spaces to plant. Then there were the plant propagators developing dwarf varieties of all sorts of plant species. And finally there were the parents wanting to get their little ones interested in gardening, but gardening on a kid-friendly scale.  

        Fairy gardens are all the rage for kids now and are only limited by a child’s imagination. They are a twist on Miniature Gardens but Fairy Gardens create an entire landscaping scene complete with mini furniture, houses, and whatever. The idea of the Fairy Garden is that some mysterious little fairy has taken up residence in your garden or container. There are loads of sites online where you can buy mini furniture and what-knots to realize your fairy garden fantasy, but is more fun and economical to find things around the house and re-purpose them.  All kinds of containers are being utilized to create amazing mini landscapes for green space-limited apartment dwellers, seniors downsizing their gardening athletics, and kids. Come up with big ideas for tiny garden spaces and get creative. 

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