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The Right Tool for the Job

                                               Tools to Simplify Gardening

     Enjoy your gardening experience even more by having the right tool for the right job. I am surprised that many gardeners are not familiar with all of the wonderful gardening tools available to them.  A  few of my favorites are:

    The Collapsable Cart-Definitley a must-have for any gardener. It also has beverage pockets and comes with an additional plastic liner.  I take mine to all  plant sales, I also use  it to bring in groceries, and to move soil and plant material around the garden.

     The Post hole digger  which consists of two small bladed shovels joined together, and is great for digging round holds for plants and posts.


     The Sharp Shooter shovel is great for cutting through tough soil, also dividing large root balls. It is the shovel that I use for most of my planting.

     The Mantis cordless grass and shrub shear-I love, love, love this product!  It is great for trimming any fine branched shrub. I use it on the fine branches of my crepe myrtle when the branches extend out too far.  I also use it to keep my climbing shrubs looking manicured. It comes with two attachments.

     Garden Augers can be attached to a cordless drill and make quick work of planting bulbs.

   Martha Stewart Garden Tote Bags are AWESOME!  These huge 52 gallon, free standing totes come in sets of three. Great for yard cleanup because the are free-standing. Just set them where you are workng and toss the debris in as you tidy up your garden. There are several handles attached to these bags, one on the bottom of the bag, two short horizontal handles on the sides of the bags, and the two long straps for carrying. You can hose them out to clean them. I love mine and use them to lug groceries, and laundry as well.

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