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Air Plants

                              The Plant Plant you Cannot Kill

                                                                                                               by MG Calla Victoria   


       To all of you plant “Serial Killers,” yes those of you who just kill every plant that you buy or receive as gifts. Yes, you with the brownest of brown thumbs do I have the perfect plant for you! This plant  will survive basically on its own with minimal care and it is the “Air Plant.”  It is called the “air plant” because it does not require any kind of soil to survive so there is no chance of you over-watering and drowning the plant. I can hear you thinking, “Well how do air plants grow and how do they get their nutrients?”

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       Tillandsia (the plants you cannot kill) are members of the Bromeliad family. Bromeliads are fascinating plants, if you are interested in learning more about bromeliads contact the local bromeliad society in your area. In New Orleans consider becoming a member of the Greater New Orleans Bromeliad Society



     Photos of me with my award-winning Bromeliads and trophy from the Greater New Orleans Bromeliad Society's (GNOBS)  2012 Show and sale.

Remember, never be too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!


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