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Stay In tune with your Garden

Monitor the Changes in your Garden
By LMG Calla Victoria


   As "robo" gardeners, we can overplant an area of the garden, or as existing plants mature the needs in the garden change. If you notice a few plants that are not flourishing even though they are planted in the right place with reference to light and soil needs, check out what is going on around them.

Case in point:

      I have a plumbego plant, Imperial Blue cape plumbego (Plumbego auriculata"Imperial Blue") that all of sudden was not doing well. I thought that perhaps a stray cat was using it as a restroom or my neighbor's dog. So I placed adequate barriers around the plumbego but she still was not flourishing. I realized that, as the plumbego was under-planted near my huge angels trumpet tree, the tree was sucking up all of the water. So I added a lot of Miracle Grow Potting Soil around my plumbego and created depressions so that water would pool around the plumbego and give her an extra drink. Now my plumbego is doing great!

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