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Slow-growing Ground Covers



       Instant Gratification for
Slow Growing Groundcovers
By LMG Calla Victoria

     Some of the favored groundcovers like Asian jasmine and Pacific Blue Juniper are very slow growing and basically just marinate for a while. Of their growth habit it is said that they sleep, then they creep, and then they leap.

     While your slow-growing ground cover is sleeping and creeping the ground that you wish to cover is uncovered. So what to do? Fill in the area with a fast-growing annual groundcover like supertunia or sweet potato.  The annuals will give you instant gratification by covering the area while the slow growing groundcover is in its sleep and creep phase. By the time that your slow-growing groundcover is ready to leap and really fill out, the annuals iare waning and dying out. Pull up what is left of the annuals and enjoy your evergreen ground covers.



'Pacific Blue'  Shore Juniper
Juniperus conferta


Asian Jasmine
Trachelospermum asiaticum

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