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Catching the Rain


Rainwater Harvesting 
            by MG Calla Victoria


     Recycling rainwater for use in your garden is a very smart idea, especially with water companies trying to raise their rates.  Rainwater is excellent for plants because it is chocked full of all of the minerals that plants need to thrive, those minerals that the water companies remove from the water that is pumped into our homes. You can water your garden diligently every day and you will not see the same transformation that you see after just one good rain!
My heart goes out to residents in states like Colorado who are forbidden from harvesting rainwater, yet during their drought season they can only water their lawns on certain days...I don't understand the rationel.

    To get your rainwater harvesting on you can buy those rain barrels that you find at all of the big box stores, place them under a down spout that has been shortened to accommodate the height of the rain barrel and voila you are in business, or you can do what I did. All of the rain barrels that I saw were 50 gallons, all made of plastic with a spicket at the bottom to attach a hose. Hum...well I had this huge 80 plastic garbage can that I was not using so I went to the hardware store and purchased a metal spicket, I cut a hole at the base of the plastic can and screwed in the spicket, I then cut a hole in the garbage can's lid to acomodate the down spout,  I attached a soaker hose to the spicket and voila I was rainwater harvesting at a cost of $5. Now if you need to place your rain barrel in a conspicuous location there are several beautiful choices like the one in the photo. And if you are artistic you can paint some beautiful designs on the garbage can.

     Also it is a great idea to keep your waterings can out when it rains so that you can water your indoor plants with rainwater.

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