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Pruning is a Good Thing


Lets Get Cutting
By MG Calla Victoria


     Enough of being timid about pruning your plants, pruning is a good thing. Pruning encourages new growth, fullness, and more blooms on your plants. If you find that your bushes are getting straggly looking prune them back. For every stem you cut, two will grow back in a "y" formation. So at a ratio of two-to-one you can see how immediately your plants get fuller.

     The bloom is the final phase in the life cycle of a plant. So once the plant sends up a bloom it gives out a sigh of relief, "Euuu we finally got that bloom out now we can rest!" No you do not want your plants to rest you want them to work, work, work! So grab those nippers and get to cutting. The more you cut the more they bloom, more work for them and more cut flowers for you to enjoy. 







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