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Plants that Give Back
By LMG Calla Victoria



      I love all plants but I especially love those that give back, and by give back I mean those plants that  will produce offshoots that are commonly known as “Pups” or little baby plants. Some plants like bromeliads give off pups after blooming, and the theory is for every leaf on the mother plant you should get that many pups. Other plants that give off pups are crinums, orchids, Bird of Paradise, Elephant Ears, many succulents, and a wide variety of palms, and of course banana trees. So whenever I am buying one of the aforementioned plants I check for the number of pups to get more bang for my buck.

     Separating pups from the mother plant is the quickest and most gratifying form of propagation, because from the start you have a strong healthy seedling (mini plant); as opposed to planting seeds and waiting weeks for them to come up, or taking a cutting and hoping that it will take root. It is important that you allow the pup to grow half the size of the mother plant before separating.

Remember, never get too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!


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