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Nourishment for your Plants



Recycling Food items to Nourish your Plants
By MG Calla Victoria 


    I keep bananas at home because they are great source of potassium for humans and for plant material. So whenever I eat a banana I save the peel in my fridge. Have you ever noticed when you look at a package of fertilizer you will see three numbers written across the top of the package; it may read 8-8-8, 30-10-10, 10-30-20, or 12-36-14, etc. The first number stands for the amount of Nitrogen present in the mix. Nitrogen is what gives foliage its healthy green color. The second number represents the amount of Phosphate present, which is what makes plants bloom (flower power). The final number represents the amount of Potash or Potassium which aids in strengthening the root system of plants. So whenever I am potting plants I always drop a few pieces of banana peel in the pot, as I want my newly potted plants to have a strong root system. So just from the information I have given you be conscious of your plants needs when you buy fertilizer. If you want a plant to bloom then you want a fertilizer with a high middle number like a 10-30-20. If your plant's foliage is looking dull then you need something with a high Nitrogen count, etc.  

    Also whenever I cook eggs I save the shells because egg shells are a great source of calcium, one of the macro-minerals that are very important to healthy plants.  Calcium promotes good growth of young roots and shoots. Calcium also helps to build cell walls.

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