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Plants that Misbehave

Invasive Plants
by  MG Calla Victoria

       As you start thinking about your Spring plantings, particularly herbs for your garden, know that there are some invasive herbs that you should be aware of. One of my favorite herbs is mint (of the genus Mentha).  I purchased two little 4-inch pots of mint in 2007 and planted them in my garden. Well they just took over and were growing everywhere. I have pulled that mint up for the past five years and my garden is still full of it. I gave up trying to get rid of it, so now it is ground cover in a section of my garden.

        There are so many varieties of mint and they all smell wonderful. I especially love the chocolate mint. Buy and enjoy this wonderful herb, but know that it is invasive so either grow it in a container or in a contained portion of your garden. By "contained portion of your garden" I mean a small area in your garden that is surrounded by concrete to contain this vigorous grower. I just lucked out because the area that I planted the mint in was surrounded by concrete but that entire area is full of mint, it just grows around anything else that I plant there.  


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