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Following the Path
By LMG Calla Victoria

      With any garden design, a lot of thought has to be given to pathways through you little slice of paradise. First and foremost the pathways need to be drawn out on paper. Ideal pathways are ones that wind and meander, exposing only small sections of the garden at a time.  After deciding on the flow of the pathway through your garden, then you must decide on what materials you plan to use for the hardscape. Will it just be pea gravel, stepping stones, flagstone, concrete, or pavers?  I would not suggest concrete because it cracks and that can be costly to repair.  However if a paver gets damaged, you just pop it out and replace it.  Pavers come single or you can buy sheets of pavers, you just lay them in the ground and they already are designed in specific patterns. You can purchase paver molds and make your own pavers with some concrete mix. Or, if you are very lucky, you will get a truck load of free pavers like I did.

The FREE pavers I got from Craigslist

      You have to mark off  the area where you pavers or whatever you have chosen will be laid.

You can:
a. Mark off the area with spray paint, or
b. Use a hosepipe or links of rope to identify the area.

     Now that the area has been marked off, the pathway has to be prepared meaning dug out and leveled off, then add a  layer of sand, then a layer of gravel over the sand, then some sort of a weed cloth to prevent weeds from coming up through your pathway;  then  finally lay your pavers. Everyone who has laid pavers this traditional way has voiced the same complaint to me,  that in a couple of years you have to repeat the process because the pavers settle in the ground and they shift.

                                                                   EasyFlex 3000-100C No Dig Edging Kit, 100-Feet 

       So I am going a different route. First and foremost I will be using an ingenious new “pound in” edging that I found called EasyFlex No Dig Edging.  I will use the edging to layout the design of the pathways, and as it is a built-in edging no way the pavers are going to shift. After the edging is laid out the area will look just like a track, and the pavers can easily be dropped in.  I will use a small amount of sand to level off uneven spots, put down the weed cloth and lay the pavers, and seal the pavers with polymeric sand.  Also as opposed to digging out a path, I will be building up the land around the pavers. I will post images when the work is done, and I had better not break a nail!

      While attending the Gulf States Horticultural Expo, in Mobie, Alabama; I did visit a booth that has developed a new type of edging called Permaloc. The product looks sleek and durable.

             This article was published in the August 27, issue of Data News Weekly

           Remember, never get too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!

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