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                     Gardening After the Storm
By MG Calla Victoria


      Hurricane Isaac came and went, thank God for that. But Isaac was a very slow moving storm limping along at only 6 miles per hour at a width of over three-hundred miles, consequently we sustained much more damage than you would suspect from a Category 1 Hurricane. Isaac came in from the east and that was very evident in my garden and home. The carpet in my foyer was damaged because the high winds blew rain under the front door sill, as my home faces the east. Immediately after the storm passed I went out to survey the damage and collect any debris, also to check on my neighbors. My huge Angel’s Trumpet tree (Brugmansia suaveolens), which sits on the right side of my home, was almost uprooted because it faces east and is in a low lying area .


                                 Angel's Trumpet                 Diamondhead Elephant Ear


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