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Never be too busy to stop and smell the beautiful flowers.

Garden Serenity

Creating a Garden Sanctuary
By LMG Calla Victoria

Gardens can be very therapeutic, restful, meditative, and serene.  If you want to create your own garden oasis, do some research first. Visit many of the public gardens as they have been designed by renowned landscape architects. Those jaunts should basically be your research.  First of all, know what you are working with at home and look for those aspects in the public gardens.  If you have a lot of shade in your garden than check out shade gardens.

Notice the layouts of large public garden and jot down what you like about each one.  Notice how they create the sense of entry, be it a pair of tall oaks, an archway, or garden gate.  Pay attention to pathways and how most gardens are revealed to you in phases, via winding paths.  Just because your backyard is on flat ground, does not mean that you cannot create a garden with several levels and a few steps.

How are you senses being affected while visiting a garden? What sounds do you hear in the garden?  Other than birds, do you hear chimes, leaves rustling, water from a babbling brook, or piped in music?  Do you see movement as tall specimen plants sway in the wind? What do you smell as you meander through the gardens?  Have you noticed that seating areas are somewhat enclosed and cozy, and that areas are discretely divided to create garden rooms? Most gardens contain some statuary and other garden art to direct the eye, also repetition creates a rhythm in the garden. Have you noticed that even though you are in a public garden, there is that sense of privacy and reflection? Use what you like best in public gardens to create your own restful space.  Note the plant selections, and make sure to incorporate some evergreens in your garden, as it should look lush year around. Get growing and make 2020 the year of your beautiful garden!

Studies have proven that green spaces are very restorative, and if you have not already heard the term “Horticulture Therapy,” it is one of the newer facets of the gardening discipline.  Research indicates that hands-on gardening projects are very soothing and have shown great success when working with to the mentally challenged, wounded veterans, and the elderly.  It has been proven that green spaces can lower blood pressure and accelerate healing.  Now many hospitals are incorporating green spaces that can be enjoyed hands-on by patients, or visible from their hospital rooms.  Just the sight of lush gardens has a restorative effect on humans.  And to that end, Hospitals are enlisting the service of horticulture therapists to design green spaces at their facilities; also many vocational colleges now offer courses in horticulture therapy.

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Remember, never get too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!


 The angels trumpet corridor in my garden
create rhythm by repetition

The somewhat hidden path-
way beckons you forward

Archway of New Dawn roses
create entrance to my garden

 White blooms make this seating area spectacular

Seating in my garden

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