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Garden Markers

 Creative Plant IDs for Your Garden

By LMG Calla Victoria

      Avid gardeners place plant markers around their gardens identifying their favorite plants. Also whenever you visit a botanical garden all of the specimens are identified with plastic signs providing the botanical names and country of origin for each plant. As botanical gardens have so many plants to identify the plastic tags, although not attractive, are economical. However crafty gardeners have come up with a cheap, unique, and beautiful way to tag plants in their gardens with plates and Sharpies. 

     Visit your favorite thrift store or Goodwill and pick up some plates for a dollar or two, and then pick up oil-based Sharpie markers. Write the plant's botanical and common name on the plate with your Sharpie. Bake the plate in the oven at 350 degrees for thirty minutes.  After allowing the plate to cool completely down, dig a trench behind or in front of the plant (depending on the mature height of the plant)  and bury the bottom third of the plate in the ground; or you can use a plate stand as beautifully illustrated in the image above from Rosarian Peggy Martin's garden.

      You can find videos of this process online, just google "sharpie plate markers."

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