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Finicky Plants



 Nong Nooch Vine

                                               Finicky Plants    
                                                                             By MG Calla Victoria

      Now is the time when gardeners start making rounds to all of the plant sales stocking up for our spring plantings.  When purchasing new plant material remember that in some cases the plants you select may need an adjustment period so don't get over zealous with trying to the help the plant along.  Case in point, I just purchased a gorgeous lush hanging basket with large deep green leaves and l-o-n-g strings of cascading yellow bracts with creamy tiny white flowers on the very tips.  I am 5"6" tall and I was holding the basket with my arm extended straight up and the flowers were still dragging on the ground. The plant was so beautiful I had to have it and I did not even know what it was.

     The plant is called a Nong Nooch vine (Petraeovitex wolfei, synonum Petraeovitex bambusetorum). It is a vigorous climber and blooms from spring to fall, yea! Always make sure that the plant you buy is properly labeled so that you can google it for additional information, and always try to find out as much as you can about the plant from the helpers at the garden center. Why google the plant even though it has a care tag in it you ask? Remember that plants are sold all over the world so the information on the tag has to be general, so for more specific information you should google plant care for your plant in your specific zone. 

     When I got the plant home with my treasure it's leaves had started to droop. I gave it a little water and today it was still drooping, then I realized that Mr. Nong Nooch is one of those sensitive fellows that needs just a little bit of time to adjust to a new environment.  If this happenes to you with a newly purchased plant  just let it be and in a few days you will see it perk up.



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