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Fertilizing Hard to Reach Plants

How to Fertilize Hard to Reach Plants
By LMG Calla Victoria


         I have a couple of huge bodacious rose bushes that are very hard to reach because over the year the have spread and are very wide now, but do need some attention.  However it is hard to get to the root system which is in the center while the bush has spread about four feet all the way around with some mean thorns. But I came up with an ingenious plan to remedy the problem and get some nourishment to the roots of these plants. I made fertlizer bombs! I used some old toile to make the bombs that look like cache sacks and stuffed them with rose fertilizer, bone meal, and Miracle Gro. You can as well use old pantyhose or any fine woven fabric you may have laying around to make your bombs, and stuff them with the fertilizer of our choice. Then toss the bombs into the center of the plant, and when it rains or you water the plant material the slow-released fertilizer will seep down to the root of the plant.



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