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Fall Gardening

                                           Fall Gardening 2012 
By LMG Calla Victoria


        Although in many parts of the nation it is still oppressively warm, now is the time to start preparing the soil and planning your fall Garden. Start thinking about your cool weather veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, lettuces, carrots and lots of greens. Also let us not forget those fall/winter blooming ornamentals like camellias, ornamental cabbages and kale. You will soon see mums, pansies, sweet alyssums, and many ornamental grasses in all of your favorite garden centers to create fall splendor in your gardens.

        One of my favorite ornamental grasses for fall is Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia Capillaris), it makes a spectacular show in any garden, just fluffy and looking like clumps of pink cotton candy have been dropped on your lawn. If you are looking for fragrance and color look to the daphnes family including Daphne bholua, and  'Jacqueline Postill.’ But if you want all out show-stopping pizzazz there is nothing like the Candlestick Shower Tree / Christmas Candle (Cassia alata). This plant has lush green foliage and tall electric yellow blooms that stand up like fabulous candelabra.

Image result for candelabra plant   

Candelabra plant (Cassia alata)   

The Extension Service Agencies for each state select “Super Plants” twice each year. These plants are called “Super Plants” because they perform beautifully throughout the season and are hardy and durable in their particular zone. These plants have been selected after extensive testing and trialing in various growing conditions. Here in Louisiana the LSU AgCenter is the extension agency for this state. They have selected the “Super Plants” for Fall 2012. The Super Plants for Fall 2012 are Sorbet Violas, Conversation Piece Azalea, and Evergreen Sweetbay Magnolia. Other fall favorites in this area are ornamental cabbage borders, Sedum 'Autumn Joy' which looks good all year, requires minimal attention and attracts few problems.  Also Hardy begonia(Begonia grandissubsp. evansiana), which is fragrant, clump-forming with pink or white flowers with oval olive-green leaves; blooms from mid-summer to early fall, sometimes through frost.  Now that you know what's popular, what's super, and all of the must-haves for a wonderful fall garden; head down to your favorite gardening center and get your gardening on!

                      Louisiana Super Plants for Fall 2012

 Sorbet Violas                                         Sweetbay Magnolia                                             Conversation Azalea

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