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Testing Drainage

                                                 Placing Plants in the Right Location
                                                                       By LMG Calla Victoria



         When we buy plants usually there is a care tag attached. On that tag we will usually find growth rate, height, spacing, and under "soil or watering"  the instruction is to either place in well-drained soil, or keep soil moist. There is a way to test your soil's drainage. Say you want to plant a rose bush, and roses like to be dry so they need well drained soil. Dig a hole where you want to plant the rose bush, fill the hole with water and leave it for two hours. If after two hours the water has evaporated then you know that location is good for roses or any other plants that prefer a dry environment. Now if after two hours there is still water in the soil, the location would be better for plants that prefer wet feet like ferns or an Angel's Trumpet.  Of course this method only works under normal conditions. If your area has been experiencing a drought then any water is going to be sucked up quickly.


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