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Creating a Backyard Oasis
     By MG Calla Victoria

     When designing a landscape design for your backyard there are several elements to be considered, the first of which is privacy and screening. Jaimie Drurie, Garden Designer Extraordinaire, says that you should be able to walk around nude in your backyard! If you are fortunate enough to have tight wood fencing around your yard the problem is solved, however if your yard is enclosed with wrought iron fencing or page wire like mind, then some adjustments are necessary before you can achieve true “nude-strolling privacy” in your yard. The simple answer is prolific flowering veins. 

     I selected four different kinds of veins for my yard . I love the butterfly-attracting Hyacinth bean veins that has purple veining in their large heart-shaped foliage, huge
electric purple bean pods, and long plums of white flowers.



             Hyacinth Bean Vine                  Passion Vine                                 Pink Bougainvillea



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Remember, never get too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!





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