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Container Gardening

Container Gardening
in the Marigny

By LMG Calla Victoria  


     One of the members of Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans (MGGNO), Faun Fenderson, invited the membership out to tour her lovely garden in the historic Marigny section of New Orleans. This amazing garden is dense with flora and fauna, several rose bushes, citrus and other fruit trees, veggies, tropicals, succulents, and evergreen shrubs. I think that what impressed me most about this lush garden is the fact that most of the plant material in the entire garden is in various sized containers and a few raised beds, as the entire floor of the garden is concrete. The containers are so tightly packed and the foliage so abundant that you really have to look to find the containers. Had we not been told that it was mostly a container garden prior to the visit, I don’t think that most would have realized the plants were in containers.

    The garden is laid out like a backwards “L.”  As you enter the
wooden gate to the back garden, to the left is a massive LSU Purple
Fig tree (Ficus carica) creating a wonderful focal point for that part
of the garden, and behind that a huge avocado tree. Because of
all of the tall trees, much of the garden is in the shade and yet it is
full of color, texture, and citrus trees and egg plants laden with fruit.

     From the entry gate, straight forward is the long straight path-
way flanked on both sides with lavish plant material. And because of the way the large foliage leans into the path you have swerve as you walk through, thus creating the illusion of a winding pathway even though the walkway is straight as an arrow. Seating throughout the garden provides several places to pause and meditate in this tranquil oasis.  See more images on the "It's My Garden" page.

 This article appears in the June 27, 2015 edition of Data News Weekly

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