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 Buying Multiples

Getting More Bang for Your Buck When Buying Plant Material
By MG Calla Victoria


     The next time that you are out shopping at your favorite garden center, don't just pick up any plant. Take the time to finger down through the foliage to the base of the plant to see if there is more than one plant in the pot. You want the one that has several individual plants in the pot so that you can separate the plants before planting. I saw some beautiful violet colored asters over the weekend. I took a few moments to inspect the plants and I found one that had three individual plants in the pot. So for the price of one which was $5, I got three plants so you could say I bought one and got two free! When you are ready to plant your goodies take a sharp knife and slice between the individual plants, separate them, and plant them according to the spacing on the tag.



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