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Biblical Gardens
 By MG Calla Victoria

     There are many garden themes that come to mind when deciding on a landscape design for a garden. There are Japanese garden themes, cottage gardens, and now one of the most popular garden designs is the Biblical Garden which showcases the plant material mentioned in the Bible. Biblical Gardens expose us to rare and unique botanical specimens like Henna(Lawsonia inermis, also called mignonette tree), the Myrrh Tree (MIPHORA africana) from where the bitter herb Myrrh is extracted, Frankincense Tree (BOSWELLIA SACRA FluecCOMkiger) “Frankincense” (COPAL FAMILY) which was presented to the Holy Family by the Magi; Mandrake the plant that Leah traded to Rachael for a one-night stand with Jacob, Hyssop which were the branches the children of Israel dipped in lambs blood and spread it on the doors before they were led out of bondage in Egypt, and Flax the plant that linen is made of.


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Remember, never get too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!


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