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Beat the Bugs


Being Comfortable While Gardening
By LMG Calla Victoria

     Our daily relaxing gardening therapy, in many cases, is interrupted by greedy little bloodsuckers. Yes mosguitos, those annoying little pests that plague us in the garden.  Most people are out in their gardens  early in the morning or late in the evening, which are the feeding times for those little critters.  I have tried everything from planting citronella (mosquito) plants, and slathering myself with Skin So Soft.  I have watched as mosquitoes buz up and down my arm looking for a spot that I missed with the Skin So Soft; and if that does no work they just go all kamikze and sting me right through my clothing. 

      I had seen those bracelets on television that are suppose to repel mosquitoes, and I was not impressed. On a recent visit to Home Depot, I noticed the bracelets at the checkout counter and decided to try one.  It was only $2 and supposed to be good for 250 hours, so why not try it?  Well I love this product!  It really works!  I put the bracelet  on before going out to my garden and no more being a  buffet for mosquitoes.  I wore it as I volunteered at the Fall Garden Show and the other Master Gardener with me was getting eaten alive.  She said, "Calla why are they not biting you?" I raised up my hand and showed her my bracelet.

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