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Setting the Mood

In Your Garden
By LMG Calla Victoria

      Aside from plant selections, digging, and  irrigation systems, there is another very important aspect to garden design. You want to create that soothing atmosphere in your garden oasis.  And to do that end you must view your garden two ways, what your garden looks like in the daylight and what it will looks like at night.  After all of the hard work of digging, and planting,  you certainly do not want to limit the enjoyment of your garden to the daytime hours only.

      Garden paths should be winding so as not to reveal all of its treasures all at once. Create that curiosity of wanting to know what is around that corner. The actual garden path itself can be a subject of whimsy, as unusual designs on winding  pathways  add a touch of artistic flavor to your garden rooms.

       A well-placed arbor with lovely trailing vines give a romantic feel to your garden space, as well as serving as support for trailing vines. Arbors are so much more gracious than a trellis. 

       Add melody to your garden with a host of wireless and weather-proof speakers, or hardwired inconspicuous speakers. Chimes are always great for sound in the garden, as are large willowy bushes that rustle in the wind. One year I planted sugarcane in my garden, and I loved the sound it made during windy times, it was sort of like hollow sticks clinging together.

Water feature
        Ponds are fast becoming a favorite in most gardens, even in small gardens there is room for a small pond. Add some creatively positioned stones, and voila you have  a waterfall with the sound of trickling water which is always peaceful.

         Intimate seating areas are a must in the garden, places where you are surrounded by nature and can just drift away. Of course you want those areas to seat large groups, but you do also need that spot just for you and your thoughts!

          I think that statues in the garden promote a feeling of calm.  Whether you chose traditional statuary or an abstract art piece, statuary gives us pause and that sense of being frozen in time.

          When it comes to lighting in the garden, I love solar lighting! Forget having to pay an electrician to come out and run a line in your yard, and electricity cost. The lights come on automatically at dusk and go out at dawn. Originally the only solar were those little pathway lights, but now the market has extended tremendously. There are solar lights that can set flush into your pavers, solar lights that can hang on your fence, and my favorite are the solar meteor shower  lights that hang in the trees. I first saw them at City Park’s Celebration in the Oaks display, and now they are in my yard, ya heard me! Lighting your trees is not just for Christmas anymore.  Always light the base of your trees, statuary, and whatever else you want to bring attention to in your garden.

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Remember, never get too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!


Artistic garden pathways

Solar lighting embedded in pathway

Pond with waterfall

Intimate garden spot

Garden art

Garden lighting



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