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After a Freeze

What You Need to do After a Freeze

  1. Do not be in a hurry to prune the damaged portions of your plant material.

     a. There could be a second freeze and the damaged foliage could protect the healthy parts of your plants.

      b. Some of your plant material may look like its down for the count and you are tempted to pull them up and discard them, but in many cases they will rebound if felt alone. Plants are very resilient and we as gardeners must learn patience. 

2. Take a ride through your neighborhood and take note of the plant material that did not freeze in front of neighbors homes, these plants would be great additions to your landscape.

     a. Make sure that you are viewing homes that face the same direction of your home. If your home faces east, then observe other homes that face east.

     b. Also take into consideration where the plants are positioned. Are they planted close to the building, or right, or out in the elements?

        I have monkey grass (Liriope muscari) planted very close to my home, and facing west. I also have some planted out in the middle of my back yard facing east. All came throuth the freeze just fine. Monkey grass would be a good choice for ground cover in zone 9.  Also mint, but be sure to plant your mint in a restricted area because mint is very invasive.

       Sago Palms (Cycas revoluta) have also held up well through the freeze, and would make beautiful sculptural accents in your garden. 











Monkey Grass



   Sago Palm

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